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Poor water quality in Sodus Bay after flooding


The SOS Harmful Algo-Bloom Hotline

Water Quality

About Nab-A-Hab™


The SOS NAB-A-HAB team responds to reports of possible Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB’s) on the HAB Hotline, provides on-site HAB identification, relays positive HAB discoveries to as well as the SOS & Village of Sodus Point Facebook pages.  SOS provides this service to the community free of charge, using the ioLight microscope. The device interfaces with a cellphone app to provide rapid identification of the HAB sample on-site. NAB-A-HAB volunteers share the ioLight microscope to respond independently to the HAB hotline for  'on call'  weekly shifts throughout the summer season.

Want to report a potential HAB?



Blue-Green Algo Blooms
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