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Damage to shoreline after flooding


Protecting the shorelines of Sodus Bay

Shoreline Resiliency

Projects & Programs

Breakwall erosion

East Breakwall Repair

Beginning in 2018, SOS facilitated a letter-writing campaign by local officials to our representatives in Washington, detailing the need for $20 million in design & repair. In addition, Mayor Dave McDowell has leveraged his bipartisan relationship with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to not only secure the costs of designing the project, but to bring it to completion.

Clearly, SOS could not allow this repair to go un-funded. It’s an essential building-block to protect Sodus Point from the unpredictable water levels of Lake Ontario and to promote the growth and prosperity of our community. “This funding will not only secure the East Breakwall, it also secures Great Sodus Bay and the village of Sodus Point," said Sodus Point Mayor Dave McDowell.


Working Timeline: 

  • Award bids by end of Summer 2023 

  • Begin construction in 2024 

  • Approximate length of the repair: 1300-1500 feet.

IJC Relations

SOS works with the IJC's GLAM committee to review the operation of Plan 2014, which regulates Lake Ontario water levels. Our public liaisons on the public advisory group are advocating for an operational plan which better shares the risks of high and low water across all stakeholders.

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STORM ACT Advocacy

Since 2021, SOS has been educating political leaders at the state & federal levels about how to implement STORM Act legislation to provide low-interest loans for shoreline property resilience. New York chose to  implement the law at the state level with the creation of the Hazard Mitigation State Revolving Loan Fund in 2023. Click the button below for info in the NY State 2024 state budget.

Plan 2014 Review Liaison

SOS provides a representative to the Public Advisory Group which serves to liaise with the public on the progress of the IJC Great Lakes Adaptive Management Program's Plan 2014 Expedited Review. This insures that SOS participants have the most up-to-date information on the regulation of Lake Ontario water levels.

IJC Plan 2014 Cover Image

Natural Beach Restoration

In 2023, The village of Sodus Point won the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association Award for Best Restored Beach of 2022. Here is the acceptance video on behalf of some of the project's key players.

Pictured: American Shore and Beach Preservation Association Award for Best Restored Beach of 2022

Great lakes Coastal Resiliency Study Funding

For five years, SOS called for federal funding for the ENTIRE Great lakes Coastal Resiliency Study. In 2021, congress funded the first year of the study at $500,000. In 2022, congress funded the program at $2.4 million dollars. SOS supports the study because it will help all coastal communities - including Sodus Point - to manage and protect its coastline and economy, especially given the flooding of 2017 and 2019.

Flooding in shoreside residences

Once complete, this study will assist Sodus Point in making and managing the types of infrastructure decisions that will protect the entire community -- not just one part of it -- from flooding, erosion or any other hazards. Information from the study is also expected to create a roadmap for the funding of additional REDI-eligible projects in our community.

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