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A thriving, economically prosperous community cares for its environment

Community Events

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Annual Summerfest

Summerfest is designed to tie together the amazing season of events already organized by the Village of Sodus Point and other community partners that you’ve come to expect between Memorial and Labor Day each summer.  Events such as the July 4th weekend fireworks, weekend fishing tournaments, Lighthouse concerts, the Antique Boat Show, Sail around the Point… and much More!

We've rounded out the existing summer schedule by welcoming a few additional events: a Movie Night in the Park, an Artisan Fair, a Fitness weekend, and a Professional Cornhole Tournament. We are grateful for the enthusiastic support of local volunteers, Wayne County, and the local townships, villages and businesses that surround and support Great Sodus Bay.


Why is SOS involved?


Save Our Sodus (SOS) has spent the last couple of years researching ways to increase our ability to protect water quality and enhance shoreline resilience — our core mission.


We’ve discovered a clear link between environmental health,  economic vitality and community participation.  (This is sometimes referred to as the “blue economy.”)  In short, Sodus Bay can attract more funding to sustainability projects in a thriving community which makes the most of each grant award and investment.


For example, when the American Shore & Beach Preservation Association recognized Sodus Point with the 2022 award for best restored beach, it cited, a “focus on community engagement and education and participation in the permitting of the project by the affected property owners…”


The project was funded through a New York State REDI grant and executed by community volunteers.  It’s a solution that maintains the natural beauty of Sodus Point which attracts tourists to our businesses and events — powering our economy.  Summerfest provides an opportunity to highlight one of the most beautiful tourist areas in New York State and to give our community a chance to recover from the devastating economic impacts of the 2017 & 2019 flooding followed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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