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We are all partners in water quality

Alert – Blue Green Algal Bloom – Sodus Bay


“We have received reports from the SUNY ESF sampling crew of a large blue/green algal bloom in Oak Park Marina, a small one that occurred on Friday in Katlynn Marina and many possible bloom sightings reported on Saturday.

Testing results for toxicity of the samples taken yesterday (Friday) will be available Monday, June 18, in the afternoon. We will publish those results as soon as we receive them. As a precaution, boaters, swimmers and animals should avoid contact with the bloom.

Based on the current water level and the warm temperatures the conditions have high potential for producing blooms. Quiet, calm water is a productive breeding area for blooms. The use of bubblers and removal of floating weeds, particularly in tight corners can be very effective in preventing formation of blooms.

The best way to prevent exposure to blue-green algae toxins is to avoid water where scum, foam, or algae mats or a greenish color is present. Additional precautions include the following:

  • Do not cook with, eat, or drink from these waters (boiling will NOT remove toxins).
  • Do not swim or shower in these waters.
  • Do not allow your pets to swim in, drink from, or play near these waters.
  • Do not water ski or ride a personal watercraft over algae mats.
  • Do not water your lawns or gardens with these waters.

If you believe there is a blue/green algae bloom in an area near you please contact Cathy Comfort at the Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District office at (315) 946-4136 and provide her with your name, address, phone #, and an email address. Also, provide the location of the bloom in relation to a primary road and/or street address.”

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