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We are all partners in water quality

05-10-2012 Blue Green Algae Sample Report Sodus Bay

Collection Date May 10, 2012

Dogwood Lane 0.012 ug/L
Skipper’s Marina 0.005 ug/L
OakPark Marina 0.005 ug/L
Arney’s Marina <0.01 ug/L
Katlynn Marina <0.00 ug/L
Public Beach Pier <0.01 ug/L

Above are the results for the samples collected on May 10, 2012.

All samples analyzed to date have had very low but detectable levels of microcystin toxins. These are 10-20x less than the WHO guidelines for drinking water and 100x below any guideline values for recreational contact.

WHO Recommended Guidelines
Drinking water = 1µg/L
Low risk recreational = 2-4µg/L
Moderate risk recreational – 20µg/L
High risk recreational = avoid visible scums

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