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.. we are all partners in water quality ….. join us!

We are all partners in water quality

Sign the Petition – Help Stop Plan BV7

Petition update – We’re over 1,200 signatures today

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support to Stop Plan BV7. It’s been seven days and we over 850 signatures. Yesterday we received response from the International Joint Commission ( Read the response here) Our goal is 3,000 signatures by June 7th, the date of the IJC’s public meeting at Williamson High School.

We the undersigned are opposed to Plan BV7 currently being promoted by the International Joint Commission for the following summary reasons:

  • As communicated by the IJC, the principal purpose for the proposed implementation of Plan BV7 is to restore / improve the quality of the wetlands. There has been no update of any data since the last reported data of the Lake Ontario- St. Lawrence River (LOSLR) Study (2000-2006). The IJC has stated that the damages and benefits for the proposed BV7 are based upon the results of the LOSLR Study, completed in 2006. However, the IJC has not addressed the significant and serious deficiencies in the analyses and conclusions of that Study.
  • Estimates of shoreline damage are substantially underestimated, nor are there any provisions for reparations. Economic impacts to businesses and homes in bay communities, like Sodus Bay, Port Bay, Sandy Ponds, etc., are not taken into consideration.
  • Impacts on public infrastructure, sewers and septic systems in particular, are not taken into consideration. During high water levels (247’ and above), sewer systems from the Niagara River to Greece, through Sodus Point and up to Watertown will be flooded and cease functioning – - a health and environmental issue of major proportions.
  • Plan BV7 is apparently based on the LOSLR Study plan B+ originally presented in 2006. However, plan BV7 increases damages to Lake Ontario coastal communities while decreasing them to other interests when compared to plan B+.
  • Plan B+ was rejected by the IJC in 2007 due to the high damages that would have resulted from its implementation and the lack of resources for mitigation and compensation for these damages.

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